Property valuation is often a complex game of give and take. It’s best you have someone who knows what moves to make. Someone like Jason Field.



It takes a singular set of talents to become a chess champion.

Not only does it demand the ability to instantly appreciate every possible implication and option arising from your opponent’s latest move but also to calculate the impact of various responses even twenty moves ahead.

Unlike Jason Field, the vast majority of us don’t have the minds to cope with anything of that scale or complexity.

Jason was deemed a chess prodigy at the age of 13 and at the age of 15 he was representing Australia in the under 18 category at the World Junior Chess Championships.

While still a keen chess player Jason now concentrates his special talents on property valuation and is having a similar level of success.

Jason approaches any property valuation with the same rigorous, broad and in-depth application he applies to the pieces on a chess board, and an opponent.

He looks at a property’s history, how well is it built, who built it, the quality of extensions or upgrades, whether repairs have been satisfactorily undertaken, has its sale prices followed market trends, have there been problems with the neighbours or issues with the local council, what are the key factors influencing property values in the locality and have any significant events ever taken place at the property?

The accurate answers to all these questions require the sort of diligent digging through documents that only a mind like Jason’s is equipped to pursue. He not only goes the extra mile, he goes all the extra miles that are relevant.

In the process of valuation Jason regards the property itself as just the beginning. No factor that could possibly have an impact on true current value escapes his attention whether it’s happening now or projected to happen twenty moves ahead.

He searches for any possible future development with potential impact on value like re-zoning for medium density housing, new roads, railways and nearby heritage listings.

In one instance the roots of heritage-listed trees located next door were encroaching on a property he was valuing. He checked whether his client had the right to chop back the heritage listed roots appearing on his own property.

As part of the valuation process for harbourside properties Jason routinely takes to the water to gain a detailed perspective on possible environmental, privacy or scenic issues that could impact on value.

He has had some hilarious moments in the course of valuations. Once he walked in on a couple at the height of passion and on another occasion he got a call from his wife while he was carrying out a valuation of a brothel. He assured her he was only valuing the property, not the assets.

In theory there’s only one correct result for a property valuation and that is always Jason’s absolute focus. He has a proud track record of consistently being within sale prices.

That’s why he is the number one choice for leading banks, real estate agents and property owners.

He regularly receives instructions for Family Law and Supreme Court matters as an expert witness.

A Jason Field valuation has a number of signature qualities. Experience, local knowledge and professional expertise are all underpinned by a relentless attention to detail and showcased in reports of the highest quality.

Jason’s team, with their tongues placed firmly in their cheeks, have even suggested changing the name of his business from National Property Valuers to National Pedantic Valuers.

Give Jason a call on 8338 1809 to talk about a potential valuation of any type of property or contact him at National Property Valuers (NSW) Pty Ltd.


He can also be contacted at or at

It’s one of the best opening moves you will ever make.

 National Property Valuers NSW



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