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Twitter harasses the wrong Peter Dutton, asks him to run for PM

A case of mistaken identity has seen Twitter harass a random dude called Peter Dutton. Fair play to the guy though, he seems to be a decent candidate. Other Dutton for PM?



The first real casualty of #Lipspill3 is now known, and it’s Peter Dutton. But the one you think. Over on Twitter, one Texan that shares his name with our political Voldemort has endured a rather hectic afternoon.



Strangely, he’s taken it rather well, offering an empathetic hand to the thousands of stressed Australians blowing up his DMs.



Let’s address the nonsense in the room. With another spill ahead of us, why not have another, and have Peter Dutton run against Peter Dutton? I mean, it’d be on-brand for our government.



Doppelganger politics. I like it.

Can we find another Bill Shorten to run against Bill Shorten?


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