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Look Good, Feel Better – Facing cancer with confidence

Look Good Feel Better is a charity dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side-effects caused by cancer treatment.

Given that the statistics tell us that one in two Australians will develop a form of cancer before they reach 85, supporting people with cancer is clearly important and far-reaching work.

Look Good Feel Better runs workshops for women, men and teens covering skincare, make-up and headwear demonstrations. The response is clear: after receiving this support, people leave feeling empowered and more confident.

But what is it about this work that is so important?

Most of us know of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, be it a family member, a friend or even ourselves. We also know it’s not always easy navigating the challenges life presents. And when there is a significant challenge- like a cancer diagnosis- it can feel unbearable.

Feelings like anger, sadness, fear, helplessness and of being completely overwhelmed are understandable, normal and common. These feelings might also come and go as the person and their family try to come to terms with the cancer diagnosis and the treatment.

What we also know when life is hard is that often it’s the seemingly small things that can lift your spirit and give you some perspective. Some of the suggestions for cancer patients and also more generally for people who are experiencing significant challenges in life can include:

  • Spending time with others, especially people who understand what you’re going through
  • Plan enjoyable activities
  • Take care of yourself, even in small ways
  • Do little things to make yourself feel better

It’s amazing how these things can make such a difference. The very act of focusing on yourself, valuing you and being around others who understand can be just what you need in those toughest of times.

But getting back to Look Good Feel Better. The stories highlight that the experience of being part of their workshops is so much more than just learning about skin care, makeup and headwear. Here’s an example from a participant, Kerry:

On the day of my workshop, I had not yet started treatment and I felt apprehensive and nervous. I waited outside the workshop room with reality looking at me… I was not emotionally prepared for how I was feeling and wanted to leave. When I sat down in the room, tears started pouring down my cheeks. Reflecting on the workshop, the whole experience was a big part of my journey and I am so very glad I attended. I left feeling as if it was all going to be ok, as I’d learned I wasn’t alone on this journey and realised how much help and support was available…

Look Good Feel Better is an opportunity for learning, connection, support and most importantly, to know that you’re not alone…and we all need that.

For more information on how to fundraise or volunteer for this life-enhancing charity click here.

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