Life has a tendency to go off the rails. When it does, you need two things: Guidance, and a Plan B.




Dearest Angela,

I can’t believe that we haven’t been in touch since Alan’s fortieth and it’s all my fault.

I’m truly sorry and once you’ve read this explanation I can only hope you’ll understand.

Over the past two years my life has gone constantly off the rails and it’s a miracle it hasn’t ended up a complete train wreck.

It was evolving happily down its charted course until one night Alan came home and announced he was going to move in with Elaine. I’m sure you remember her as the brassy blond divorcee who used to live at the end of our street. It’s true Alan and I were going through a bit of a turbulent patch but nothing out of the ordinary.

I was devastated of course. I couldn’t understand what on earth he saw in her apart from the fact she’s twelve years younger. The kids went through a very rough patch.

Suddenly I was in a whole new world of pain. I had never been involved in legal matters before and here I was trying to understand the hideous complexities of protecting the interests of my kids and myself from the machinations of my husband.

And if all that wasn’t enough my mother passed away two months later and in the midst of trying to sort out her affairs my solicitor told me that in order to resolve the divorce from Alan it would be necessary to sell the house.

At that point I reached rock bottom. One minute my life was proceeding happily towards the Promised Land and the next I was a forty-one year old adrift in a sea of despair and uncertainty.

I found it inconceivable that shit could happen so suddenly and in such volume.

The kids however were a great incentive for me to keep it together and the longer things went on the more determined I became not to let the bastards get me down.

My friends were very supportive and one of them gave me a book entitled Planning Plan B by Kylie Parker. That for me was the game-changer.

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It became apparent that Kylie has encountered even more of life’s hard knocks than I have and her book is a guide, based on hard experience, to the steps you can take in advance to minimise the invasive impact that ten of life’s most stressful events can have upon you.

Kylie makes the salient point no-one should have to cope with life’s worst moments totally unprepared in a state of confusion and bewilderment.

When you come to think of it, our lives rarely follow a strict Plan A course so it’s only logical to have a Plan B ready if needed. Kylie’s book gave me the confidence to believe that if she can successfully switch to Plan B so can I.

Thanks in no small part to the information I learned from the book, the divorce from Alan went through without me feeling stupid and not understanding the legalities or my entitlements, and the settlement of the house was quick so I could move on faster and I’m now living in a terrific place on the Northern beaches. And I was able to make an effective contribution to the settlement of mother’s estate without adding it into the divorce financial settlement.

I can now rest assured that if I get fired, get sent to prison, go gaga or break my leg skiing the roof won’t cave in. Based on Kylie’s advice I have put the measures in place to minimise the deleterious impacts arising. Furthermore if I ever get divorced again it will undoubtedly be traumatic but thanks to Kylie not as traumatic as the one from Alan.

I strongly recommend Kylie’s book. You can purchase a copy simply by going to and paying just $7.95 for a digital copy or $24.84 for a hard copy.

Planning Plan B has given me peace of mind and the confidence that I can cope with life’s worst slings and arrows. I’ve even started dating Michael Wilkins who you probably remember from school.

Hope Raymond and your kids are doing well. I’ll phone next week about getting together.

And please keep in mind that Planning Plan B will help you take care of tomorrow because, believe me, it rarely takes care of itself.


Lots of Love,




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