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The Nerd Reserve podcast: Rian in for new Star Wars trilogy, the all-female DC film not Gaga

Well, here we go. Rian Johnson will helm a brand new Star Wars trilogy and DC’s all-female arse-whoopery continues to generate hype. Game on!



Rian Johnson has tweeted confirmation his brand new Star Wars trilogy is definitely going ahead. Upon The Last Jedi’s 2017 release, LucasFilm announced the writer-director would create all new Star Wars stories once Episode IX (2019) closes out the Skywalker Saga. However, after toxic fans tore apart Johnson’s epic, going as far as to raise $200m to reshoot it, rumours that the new trilogy was cancelled began to crop up. Twitter user Matt Allen took initiative and went straight to the source to get the tea, tweeting at Johnson, “Are you still working on your Star Wars trilogy?”, to which Johnson gave the succinct reply, “Yup.” So, no need to chuck out your Jedi robes just yet!

In DC news, the comic book giant has released the launch date of their new streaming service, DC Universe. The hub for all things Justice League and beyond will go live on Batman Day, the 15th of September.

A reporter for TheWrap, Umberto Gonzalez, has quashed reports that actors have been offered roles in DC’s upcoming female-led film, Birds of Prey. Rumours had spread that Lady Gaga was on board (which, frankly, would have been wicked!), however, Gonzalez said she’s “not in the mix” and that production was “not even close” to signing actors.

Speaking of which, Todd Phillips’ Joker film, produced by Martin Scorsese, has lost their Thomas Wayne. Alec Baldwin was to play Batman’s doomed father, but has dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

In the word of gaming, EA (Electronic Arts video game company) has donated $1.4m to the families of victims gunned down in the Jacksonville Madden tournament shooting.

Finally, Insomniac Games community director, James Stevenson, has had to reassure fans that Spider-Man PS4 has not been graphically downgraded. Gamers were in uproar after they noticed a discrepancy between the graphics of gameplay vs game trailers, however, Insomniac has insisted there is “no downgrade at all.”



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