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After Tony Abbott congratulated himself for the formation of his stable government, the last leader of the Soviet Union followed suit.



In the wake of Tony Abbott congratulating himself on Twitter, yet more leaders of note have emerged to pat themselves on the back.



The Big Smoke exclusively spoke to Mikhail Gorbachev, the man who steered the USSR for a six-year period until 1991. Standing in revealing beachwear, he trumpeted: “Today is the 96th anniversary of the election of the Soviet Government, it’s a good government, getting better.”

Mikhail, a true battler from the Northern Beaches of Stavropol electorate, shares similarities with the current/former Prime Minister, as he was also removed from power by an internal leadership spill, engineered by the banking sector and lead by a silver-haired fool with quick feet.



He was quick to offer Abbott some advice, stating: “…all you need to do is find a replacement that thinks like you, but doesn’t say it.”