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NZ debuts AI teacher, bores students


Over in NZ, one company has decided to let an AI teacher educate our kids. With the future making us stay back after class, we have a series of questions.



New Zealand, the moral centre of the world has struck again. They’ve made us look bad. This time by doing away with the traditions of teaching, allowing their children to be taught by a robot named Will.

Will’s parents are the Auckland energy company Vector, who offer him free-of-charge to schools who sign up for their electricity circuit.

There’s a caveat, though. Will is a very limited teacher, only willing to discuss energy use. Think of him as the robot version of that inept casual teacher you had where you can easily derail the lesson by asking him a question you don’t really want to know the answer to.

Mr Will, what’s energy?

To that end, he’s very authentic, as the students can ask Will questions about what they’ve learned.



According to Vector’s Chief Digital Officer, the students seem particularly taken by Will. “What was fascinating to me was the reaction of the children to Will. The way they look at the world is so creative and different, and Will really captured their attention,” he said in a news release.

However, the dorks of Vector are not the only robot supporting convert, as futurist Thomas Frey predicted that learning from bots will be commonplace by 2031. Meanwhile, British education expert Anthony Seldon thinks robots will replace human teachers by 2027.

Fair enough, as that represents progress. The only real question is, are they going to take as much time off as their fleshy contemporaries?


I suppose that question will be asked in due course. Will might be impressive, but he’s a simpleton, both in teaching and robot terms. While he lacks behind in knowledge and interaction, technology will catch up to us eventually. School, will then certainly be out.




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