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Bride bags corporate sponsorship, throws $36m wedding


Over on Instagram, one bride has decided to circumvent the crippling wedding day debt, convincing a wave of brands to foot the bill. Nice.



Getting married is the day you’ll never forget, the one you’ll be paying off for the rest of your life. Recently, a piece of clickbait brushed across our nether-regions, retelling the story of the bride who lost all of the plot when her guests refused to pay the $1,500 cover charge. Which is fair enough, you can’t be asked to pay for the entire wedding.



However, it seems that a third option now exists, as the happy couple to be can now push for sponsorship. Sadly, this kernel of genius has sprung from the mind of an Instagram influencer, but let’s hear her out.

Chiara Ferragni, the influencer and the bride-to-be decided to pop her wedding balls all the way out, seeking corporate sponsorship to the tune of $36 million, using her social media footprint to be joined under the gaze of the lord and united as one hashtag, #TheFerragnez.

You may now compare social media impressions.

To be fair, it sounds like a rollicking time, as the event was headlined by a Coachella-themed reception (*cough* basic), celebrity DJ, Ferris wheel, getting the entirety of Sicily on loan, a customised Alitalia flight, custom Dior dresses, a Prada practice dress, you know, a real low-key affair. Just friends and family, y’know.



To be fair, I’ve been to a handful of weddings, and it seems that Chiara has missed a trick, as she clearly could have roped in some uber-famous chef to supply the eats. I mean, it is Italy. Come on. I bet she had finger food. Bet it was cold. Bet the whole reception was garbage.



With that being said, the rest of the event looked fairly ridiculously memorable, I’m just not entirely sure that Uncle Daryl’s sexually charged dick jokes and racial epithets would have survived the wrung hands of company PR. I mean, isn’t that what weddings are really about? Not the receiving of free shit and/or the lion’s share of the attention, it’s all about dealing with unfortunate crises and pretending things are going to plan.




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Better than my dreams ✨ Love our custom made wedding bands designed by @pomellato 😍 #SuppliedByPomellato

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