Woman marks herself “safe” on Facebook after eating uncontaminated strawberry

After surviving the odds, one Double Bay woman marked herself as safe after discovering her strawberries were uncontaminated.



As Australia’s strawberry needle contamination scare widens, a Sydney woman has today consumed a strawberry and come off completely unscathed.

Tina Jenkins marked herself as “safe” on Facebook immediately after eating the strawberry as part of her breakfast this morning.

“All safe,” she wrote alongside her safety check-in. “No needles here.”

The Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has ordered an investigation after a number of sewing needles were found in strawberries around the country.

“It is a big concern,” admits Tina Jenkins. “But I’m not going to stop eating strawberries. My nutritionist says they are packed with vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants.”

The 27-year-old is warning all consumers to exercise considerable care when eating strawberries.

“Always puncture the fruit with a knife to make sure it’s clear,” she told Double Bay Today. “Then be sure to mark yourself ‘safe’ on Facebook to let everyone know you’re OK.”

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