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Sony announces mini PS1, release in time for Christmas

Ask and ye shall receive. Sony has just announced that they’ve shrunk their legendary PS1 for our nostalgic enjoyment. Game on!



To catch the wave of macro nostalgia, Sony has jumped on board with an entry that threatens to wash away all those who sailed with them down a drain of remembrance of times gone, and weekends flamed.

Called the PlayStation Classic, it represents a mini-reboot of the classic PS1, the original gaming opiate of my generation.

Here’s what you get in the box | Kotaku


Available from December 3, Sony has promised 20 “generation-defining titles”, but announced three.

To be fair, though, they’re not bad: Ridge Racer Type 3, Final Fantasy 7 and Tekken 3.




The console will drop with a US price tag of $99, with a full list of titles to be announced later.

Yes, Sony, take all my money, but I have three requests.

  1. Metal Gear Solid
  2. Tony Hawk 2
  3. This fucking noise.


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