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The rise of hybrid companies within the Australian commercial sector has seen the merging of digital and advertising agencies, comparison sites merging with publishing, and free gaming companies merging with aggregators. The concept of merging offerings was around added value for client bases, yet increasingly the concept is about simultaneously identifying revenue opportunities. In an age where competition has little to no barrier for entry, it is crucial that industries take stock of their offerings and ensure they are constantly evolving towards a model that can service a majority of their clients needs. Equally, also cultivating a model that ensures multiple revenue streams.

An example of this working efficiently has been the “” service, where users can sign up to the platform and instantly see a list of all subscriptions their selected email address is aligned to, and automate the unsubscribe function. While this offering is free to users, the company actually makes money from using the data attained through the unsubscribing function, and measures market trends. By offering anonymised market research, the company is able to secure multiple revenue streams as part of their business model. Similarly, Qantas makes money from flight bookings but also from their loyalty program, by selling points to other companies and accessing their databases. However, it is not just tech platforms or airlines that are exploring these opportunities.

In Australia’s real estate sector, we have seen agencies lower costs through adopting self-serve marketing creation platforms and outsourcing property-staging services. Real estate agents by their very nature have to be intuitive to the needs of their clients, and ensure they are entrepreneurial in how they seek opportunity and negotiate their way to strong deals. They have also started to create revenue opportunities by offering clients additional services such as consulting on housing opportunities to landlords seeking early market trends. Some savvy real estate agents have also started to implement offerings such as referral commissions.

Christie Spaces has emerged as the leader across the Australian co-working office space, and has quickly established itself as the most unique offering in market, due to its offering that not only provides businesses with unparalleled office space and state of the art equipment, but also a collaborative community environment committed to fostering the talents of our most industrious business leaders. At first glance, their offerings seem to be purely based around hot desks, private offices, open offices and project spaces. Yet, they are increasingly becoming the hack real estate agents are using to create a side hustle, and ergo, implementing a profitable revenue stream.

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2018 has seen savvy real estate agents partner with Christie Spaces to refer clients for commercial workspaces as an alternative to high-risk commercial leases that can be prohibitive to businesses on a growth trajectory. By making this referral, the agents are able to earn 10% commission based on twelve months of their clients’ rent. This opportunity opens up a whole new offering for the firm, considering that they are currently missing out on an entire market of clients who are not in the position, or do not have the desire, to take out costly commercial real estate options. It results in creating a new client pool, of entrepreneurs, SMEs and one-man bands who need the workspace, but who are restricted by size. Implementing this offering places a great value on real estate agents who have long wanted to expand their services and drive more than just a traditional broker fee. It has quickly become a flexible and high growth income opportunity, as agents find new innovative ways of meeting the needs of those in their network, a network which is further cultivated by Christie Spaces’ commitment to exclusive event invites and special offers. There is no cap on the income opportunities presented, as there is no limit to the amount of people that can be referred, and with the Christie Spaces app, agents are able to easily manage and track their referrals – ensuring streamlined transparency.

With Christie Spaces, real estate agents are equipped with new commercial horizons and the time has never been better to start exploring. Christie Spaces is currently offering new clients 50% off the first three months of their rent across their Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne locations. The partnership opportunity also positions the agents as conduits for Australian businesses looking to transform how they work, and the networks they are able to nurture.

If you have an up-to-date real estate licence, you are eligible to partner with Christie Spaces and start referring clients who are desperately in need of workstations that actually work for them, regardless of the growth stage of their business. Instead of missing out on entire client bases, Christie Spaces ensures that real estate agents have easy-to-implement revenue opportunities and side hustles that not only really pay off, but get your entrepreneurial juices flowing by partnering with Australia’s premium business leader.

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