Despite the higher fines and the measures this government has introduced, the responsibility to help our farmers lies with every Australian.



We’ve all seen what these parasites have done in putting needles in strawberries, and I hope state officials throw the book at them.

In the meantime, we’ve got to stand shoulder to shoulder with our farmers. We’ve got to support them and proudly the Federal Government has announced a further million dollars to help support them, to put more boots on the ground and to invest in x-ray machine with farmers to be able to give you the confidence to go into shops and understate that those strawberries are safe to eat.

We need to get the industry up and going again. We need to remind people that we have the best industry in the world, the best strawberries in the world are grown here.

Can I say to every strawberry farmer, if you’re doing it tough, the Farm Household Allowance applies to you. There are hardship provisions that you can apply for. Please reach out to a Rural Financial Counsellor. Put $37,000 in your pocket to keep bread and butter on your family’s table, please make sure you do it.

But to each and every one of us, we can help an Aussie farmer better than any Government can. We can go into those shops and buy a hell of a lot of strawberries, cut them up and eat them. Don’t cut them out of your diet.

We can help every Aussie strawberry farmer right here, right now.

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