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PC doctor refuses to confirm gender of baby with penis


Not wanting to make an assumption, one Sydney doctor refused to identify the gender of a baby with a penis.



A Sydney doctor is reserving judgment on the sex of a newborn baby which has a penis.

“It’s important not to jump to conclusions,” says Dr Peter Goodes. “Genitalia can sometimes be an indication of sex, but it’s not always relevant.”

It’s understood the ecstatic new mother is anxious to find out her new born’s sex, so she can choose an appropriate name.

“I’ve asked the mother to be patient,” says the politically correct paediatrician. “It can take several years for the baby to identify as either male or female, and even after that time, sex is subject to change.”

Double Bay Today understands the family is currently choosing between the gender-neutral names Alex and Ashley.

More to come.


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