When Kimmy met Donny (again): North Korea wants another Trump summit

Whatever Dennis Rodman did, it worked, as North Korea wants to meet Donald Trump again to discuss the end of the war, and the start of a new future.




Call it kismet, call it a ringing endorsement of Dennis Rodman’s diplomatic skills, call it whatever; but it seems we’re close to another meeting between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is ready for a second meeting with US president Donald Trump. Certainly the first one in June went well for him, giving his iron-fisted regime a credibility boost on the world stage and in the eyes of many North Koreans, who were told by state media it was the “treasured sword” of nuclear weapons that forced the US to the table.

South Korean president Moon Jae-in, fresh off a three-day visit to Kim, said that the North Korean leader expressed an interest not only in meeting Trump again, but also in speeding the denuclearisation process and bringing an official end to the Korean War by year’s end.

Disappointingly, the cynics have marched into town, questioning Kim’s sincerity. At this week’s summit, Kim and Moon agreed to a many number of things. They both discussed withdrawing some guard posts, establishing a joint military committee to help lower tensions, and possibly bidding to host the 2032 Summer Olympics together.

Kim also promised to dismantle a missile launchpad under the gaze of international inspectors. That follows North Korea supposedly dismantling a nuclear test site in May, though critics contend it merely destroyed entrances and that the site could be made operational again. Again, haters have a propensity to hate. In the interest of objectivism, others note that neither site is particularly important to North Korea’s weapons program.

As a matter of fact, few observers believe Kima is willing to give up his entire nuclear toolbox, or be absolutely truthful about the number and locations of aforesaid weapons. Apparently, the secretive nation has an extensive network of underground tunnels, which arguably could double as a hidey-hole for WMDs from international inspectors.



On the other side of the pond, the maintaining of the narrative remains, there are signs that North Korea is “still maintaining and developing its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs,” according to Rosemary di Carlo, the head of political affairs at the United Nations, while addressing the UN Security Council this week.

The key to NK’s economic development (something that Kim is very much keen on), is Donald’s US. According to Georgetown Professor Victor Cha, the US is “the primary obstacle in places like the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the IMF, where the North Koreans want money.”

As a member of the UN Security Council, the US would also be required to lift the UN’s economic sanctions against North Korea, which have remained in place after Kim’s whole nuclear cock-measuring competition. He was going to bomb Darwin, remember?

Cynicism aside, we should not fear the Trump/Kim merger. The fact, we should celebrate it. The very idea that they’re keen to do brunch together should be seen as an absolute boon. Regardless of what they’re both playing for, this method keeps us safely out of it.

You guys should totes do a movie after this, hey. You’re real cute together, eh.



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