Woolworths to do away with the checkout entirely with “WooliesX”

In an effort to kill off small talk entirely, Woolworths is trialling a system that will render the checkout obsolete. 



The favourite part of any grocery expedition is your final challenge against the checkout. It’s a battle of small talk, of recognising your impulse, and sometimes defrauding time and space, as you attempt to make the case that a slab of salmon is, in reality, a bag of oranges.

However, the humble fleshy/electronic cashier may soon entirely be a thing of the past, as one Sydney grocer has opted entirely for the app route. A family-run chain called Woolworths (yeah, us neither) has decided to trial a system where customers zap the barcode with their phones, and have the app do the difficult maths.

It’s part of something they’re calling scan and go. 


Woolworths’ Paul Monnington said this to News.com.au regarding the software, something they’re labelling WooliesX:

“We believe smartphone technology and mobile payments have the potential to transform the shopping experience for our customers in the future.

“This trial is not only about testing new technology, it’s also about seeing how our customers and teams respond to a completely new style of shopping.”

I mean, I can only speak for myself, but for an introvert who always wanted to be a check-out person, it all sounds rather rad.

While it currently only resides in Double Bay, you can easily assume that if they can handle it, it will soon sweep across the entirety of their Empire.

Farwell tiny talk, you won’t be missed.



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