Ushma Dhanak: Taking you beyond the horizon

Ushma Dhanak knows that horizons may shift, but great plains of opportunity exist beyond it. Emotional Intelligence is her example to follow, and to learn from.



Ushma Dhanak was born in the UK after her parents had emigrated from Uganda to escape the atrocities of Idi Amin.

She grew up in Ealing, qualified as a lawyer and then found that horizons as far away as Australia were beckoning once she’d thoroughly explored those around Slough and Shepherds Bush.

In Australia she became fascinated by the horizons that people placed around themselves. She realised that some people’s horizons were limitless while for others they were so restrictive it allowed them very little room to move.

Why is it, wondered Ush, that some with high IQs fall by the wayside while others with lower IQs make it to the top?

What makes some people tick louder than others, what is the relationship between IQ and intelligence and why do people set themselves narrow horizons while for others they don’t even exist?

In searching for answers to these questions Ush became progressively more consumed by the study of human behaviour. That led to further questions like can people be trained to become inspiring leaders or do we have to rely on those with natural qualities?

Ush’s dedicated research into human behaviour reached a climax when she discovered Emotional Intelligence. Suddenly she’d found the pathway to answers.

It wasn’t long before she abandoned her legal career in favour of one focused on bringing the benefits of Emotional Intelligence to society in general and business in particular.

First she took on a role with a consultancy to gain experience of service delivery to business in human resources. Then she launched her own business offering state-of-the-art Emotional Intelligence development programmes.

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It wasn’t easy. Starting a new business is difficult enough; starting one that offered a new concept in personnel development was especially tough.

Today Ush is Australia’s leading authority in Emotional intelligence. In just four years she has established beyond doubt its power to optimise personal and corporate performance.

Emotional Intelligence is the art of good decision-making. Instead of decisions either being overly affected by emotions or not affected by them enough, they benefit from emotions and intelligence being applied in a perfect balance.

It not only promotes a higher awareness of how personal emotions are applied but also of how they are applied by others. And it does that “in the moment” as Ush likes to say.

She explains that Emotional Intelligence leads to greater resilience, influence, innovation, ability to create change, and makes you a better listener. Above all, it inculcates qualities of leadership and innovation that take individual and team performances to a new level.

Emotional Intelligence development programmes are tailor-made by Ush to the individual needs of each client. They comprise a mix of group and one-on-one training designed to achieve pre-determined outcomes. Her programmes are not one-off get-togethers that everyone goes away and forgets. They are sustained to ensure real operational change.

Ush’s clients enjoy a new level of decision-making that produces stronger leadership, a more positive culture, a more engaged workforce and a greater competitiveness.

If you are the head of a major business who is wondering where your next competitive edge is going to come from, go to

The advantage of being first in your market with Emotional Intelligence is inestimable.

If there’s nothing on your horizon it’s time to look beyond it.



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