Jacinda Ardern’s baby attending the UN a massive step

Jacinda Ardern bringing her baby to the UN might seem like a stunt, but the corridors of power were long overdue for a dose of reality.



Once solely the realm of the crust and the antiquated, the United Nations is going through a bit of a youth movement of late. We’ve witnessed the empathetic verve of Emma Watson and the appearance of K-Pop demigods BTS. But, with that being said, you can cast them in the largest bin you can find, because they’ve been outperformed by a baby.

The child of Jacinda Ardern, Neve Te Aroha, gatecrashed the UN recently, sporting a rather official looking ID badge, knocked up by the good people of collective diplomacy.



And yes, while we might go a bit goo-goo of sight of a miniature person, I’m willing to suggest that it represents something larger than a stained nappy.



As the above tweet illustrates, Ardern is only the second elected leader to give birth while in office. If a child attending diplomatic meetings becomes the norm, then it will fairly represent those who elected them. The working parent is a reality, and we endure, because we have to, because it’s our role. To have that present in the engine-room of international diplomacy, matter. The spokesman of the UN, Stephane Dujarric said the following: “Prime Minister Ardern is showing that no one is better qualified to represent her country than a working mother. Just 5% of the world’s leaders are women, so we need to make them as welcome here as possible.”


That, and just throwing it out there, but if our elected officials insist on acting like children, then perhaps an actual child in the chamber might pull them into line.

No pressure, kid.


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