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Owner accused of prioritising dog’s Instagram account over dog

One Sydney resident has found herself in hot water after she was accused of favouring her dog’s social media footprint over her dog.



A Sydney woman is accused of neglecting her 2-year-old Boston Terrier in favour of the dog’s Instagram account.

It’s alleged Alexandra Weir is dressing up Bobbie in elaborate costumes, taking copious amounts of photos and then sharing them with the dog’s 3,800 followers.

“We’ve been really busy lately,” says the 22-year-old dog owner. “The Instagram account is really taking off.”

However, Bobbie hasn’t been walked in three days and is suffering from boredom.

“I plan on taking her out soon,” says Alexandra Weir. “Recently I’ve been spending hours at a time hashtagging posts and also liking other dog’s account’s in the hope they’ll like Bobbie back.”

And she’s not alone.

Animal welfare groups say Instagram dog neglect is a growing problem in Sydney.

“Owners are urged to put down their phones and spend some quality time with their pets,” says Martin O’Neil from the RSPCA. “The dogs receive no benefit from having a large amount of Instagram followers.”

Alexandra Weir has pledged to take Bobbie out for a walk “sometime today” but in the meantime is urging anyone to follow her dog on Instagram @bobbiethedogger.


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