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The Nerd Reserve: Leto’s Joker v Joaquin’s Joker

It’s been a big week. Not only did we meet Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, but the Captain Marvel trailer blew our tiny minds.



The Captain Marvel trailer has landed to much hype and DC has both confirmed a dubious “Joker and Harley Quinn” script and released footage of the *other* Joker film.

Yes, Joker vs Joker is underway, folks, choose your fighter!

In the Phoenix corner: director Todd Phillips has released footage of Joaquin Phoenix’s camera test and it’s a little bit creepy! Sporting limp hair, not unlike the Heath Ledger rendition of the character, Phoenix stares straight down the barrel as images of clowns are projected over him. A smile begins to stretch his face, and then crack, he’s in full clown make up. The smile dies.



With such a powerful actor in the titular role, hopes are high for the Scorsese-produced Joker. Fingers crossed it manages to avoid the trap of replicating Ledger’s memorable performance.  

In the Jared Leto corner: writers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa have confirmed they’ve turned in the script for a Joker and Harley Quinn film, which they describe as a “mentally deranged” cross between Bad Santa and This is Us. So… a crude tear jerker? *shrugs* The duo also detailed a scene in which Harley Quinn kidnaps Dr Phil, whom they hope will be played by the real Dr Phil. Judge that as you will…

Meanwhile, Marvel dropped a teaser trailer for their first female-lead superhero film, Captain Marvel. Set in the ’90s, the film hints at a Carol Danvers history lesson and a big ol’ war! We’ll learn about Danvers’ double life on Earth and in space and watch her kick some Skrull butt. Not to mention a look at how our heroine’s human DNA got fused with that of the alien race, the Kree, giving her powers of super strength, energy protection and flight.



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