The UN laughing in Donald’s face may be the meme that defines the man

The video of Donald Trump being laughed out of the UN is pure clickbait. But the fact that the official version opens with the gaffe may truly define him to the meme generation.



The problem with the clickbait generation is that we often just read the headline instead of the article, and we sure as shit don’t watch the entirety of a 34-minute video of a politician talking. The video below is the official version of Donald Trump’s UN speech, where he was roundly giggled for suggesting that he was great. Oddly, the embarrassment we’re all here to see opens the video.



The fact that Donald is not trying to hide the gaffe is interesting, as is the fact that he’d assume that we’d pay attention to the rest of the thirty-four minutes. For an attempt at a misdirection, it’s a trifle misguided, as he clearly doesn’t know the audience. For a society that lives on memes, and forms an opinion based on instant reaction, it truly will be a clip that will live in infamy, and probably end up defining his Presidency.

Hey, remember that time that Donald Trump was laughed out of the UN? Classic.

Let’s be honest, while it’s a great intersection of moment and documentation, Donald could have easily clipped that part of the clip. I certainly would have, it makes the rest of the clip irrelevant. Hide what you don’t want them to focus on. It’d make him look bad, sure, but haters have a propensity to hate.

Whereas, leaving it in leaves a lasting impression. You see, the problem with Donald is that his hideousness is everywhere, and nowhere. It’s so frequent, it’s difficult to form behind one thing to bring him down. The sun doesn’t set on the Empire of Donald’s fuckery. It’s why we can’t keep track of all these names that have left, and indeed, the names that are trying to remove him from office. Kavanaugh. Mueller. Cohen. Daniels. Scaramucci. Old Mate. Jim-Bob, etc.

However, the entirety of international diplomacy laughing in the face of Donald as his tiny heart breaks is something that we can all understand, and something we can all point to as an obvious example of his delusion we’ve already noted. In fact, if you’re a basic millennial type, there’s even a Simpsons joke that goes with it to help you remember.

Poor, Ralph/Donald.


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