Cutting out the middleman, one Sydney gym is now offering a rigorous Photoshop training regime to help their clients get that summer body they always wanted.



A Sydney gym is embracing digital enhancement by offering photoshop courses to its members.

“Many of our clients who’ve had good results at the gym exercising are looking for something a little bit extra,” says Jenny Ponitan, who manages of the F51 gym in Double Bay.

The classes delve into Photoshop’s retouching and reshaping techniques designed to “complete body transformations”.

“Our workshops allow clients to be the best versions of themselves in photos they post on social media,” says Ponitan.

The courses have been running for three weeks on a trial basis to members only and are proving very popular.

“Not everyone has time to get to the gym as often as they’d like,” says Ponitan. “Our courses allow them to maintain a positive body image, even when they’re not exercising much.”

F51 gym management say they’re planning to roll out the courses to their other locations around Sydney.

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