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ABC’s Justin Milne appointed Turnbull spokesman, denies shenanigans

Despite the media furore about the ABC, Malcolm Turnbull never asked his close friend, Justin Milne to sack their reporters. Milne’s new job for Mal is entirely coincidental. Warning – satire ahead.



Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has vehemently denied pressuring close friend and former business associate, Justin Milne, to sack ABC reporters.

Milne, who last week resigned as ABC Chairman to take up a role as Spokesman for Malcolm Turnbull, also refuted the claims that he was appointed in the role to act as a conduit for the former Prime Minister, noting that he was never in contact with the Prime Minister’s office as “Mal would always contact me directly”.

Milne released the following statement on behalf of his new client:

“The notion that I pressured my mate Milso to sack the ABC hacks is a preposterous and unfounded accusation.

“No Australian Prime Minister loves the national broadcaster as much as I do. Especially when they do stories like the one about how Dutton botched his coup attempt.

“Even here in New York, I’ve tried to watch ABC TV on my iTelephone device thingy but unfortunately I seem to have left my remote at home. Lucky I packed the solar-powered radio Di Natale gave me as a farewell present.”

Current Prime Minister Scott Morrison did well to steer clear of the political fallout resulting from last week’s upheaval at the ABC, tweeting:

“ABC Board and Chairman have made the right call. Time for the ABC to resume normal transmission, both independently and without bias. That is what Australia’s taxpayers pay for and deserve.”

It’s understood that the Prime Minister has lined up former Cronulla Sharks NRL star, Andrew ‘ET’ Ettingshausen as Milne’s replacement on the ABC Board.



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