Fake News or real? They’re watching you thanks to Facebook, strawberry meth and one very sad vegan pizza

Once more into the underworld of the internet’s nonsense we go, this week our journey is highlighted by the pervy nature of Facebook’s hack, and the laziest vegan pizza in recorded history.



The stories that go viral on the Internet tend to include crowd-pleasers such as public humiliation, drugs, shopping injustice and food. Luckily, this week our “two lies, one truth” game encompasses all of the above.


Internet Curio #1 – In the wake of Facebook being hacked, you’re now being watched

Many Facebook users on Friday found themselves suddenly having to sign back into their Facebook accounts, following a security breach that Facebook say affected over 50 million users. Facebook said that hackers took advantage of the “view as” feature to steal Facebook tokens which could then be used to take over accounts. Facebook claim they have fixed this vulnerability and also reset the access tokens to the 50 million affected accounts. Phew – crisis diverted, the world says. Not quite, with Australians waking up this week to sickening emails that made allegations that they hacked your webcam, videoed you doing the nasty and will expose you to all your friends and family.

Depending on the hacker’s grasp of the English language, you were either busted mid-“onanism” or you were “doing something very exciting”. Either way, the point of the email was to scare you into paying the person in bitcoin, or else they would release the video footage to all of your contact list à la Black Mirror.

While it is true that Facebook suffered a security vulnerability that affected 50 million accounts, it’s not true that the breach resulted in extortionists busting you via your webcam. In fact, that scam has been on the rise for most of 2018 with experts recommending you cover your webcam, and under no circumstances send the scammer any money.


Internet Curio #2 – Did a restaurant get lazy with a vegan pizza order by just supplying a base, sauce and some raw onions?

Vegans often share images on social media highlighting the raw (get it?) end of the deal during a night out. For example, a wedding I went to had invested in $50 steaks per person, or alternatively fresh Salmon. But my vegan friend was given a bowl of rice with a dash of soy sauce and a twig of mint leaves. True story. However, over the last few days, an image has been circulating on Facebook that resulted in foodies being shook to the core. It is of a shameful pizza comprising of nothing more than a (what looks like dry) pizza base, some clearly-from-the-jar tomato paste and some raw red onion sparingly thrown around.

The customer claimed that the restaurant said they had run out of vegan cheese. This wreaks of fake news considering that the restaurant could have at least ensured a mountain of veggies on the pizza, even without the vegan cheese, with social media saying “surely this is just a joke.” However, the pizza is legit from Pizza Express in Hatfield, UK, and the customer even defended the restaurant saying that normally they get vegan pizzas right, but she was let down this time. Pizza Express even apologised for this event, saying: “We take great pride in crafting delicious pizzas that our customers love – on this occasion we let Mary down and apologise for her disappointing experience.”


Internet Curio #3 – Are kids being sold strawberry meth?

Teaching kids stranger danger and the value of staying away from drugs is Parenting 101. But, apparently, drug dealers are making this job even harder by trying to sell pink coloured crystal methamphetamine, known as “Strawberry Quick” if you watch Wentworth, to kids. Parents have flocked to social media to share warnings about this new rise in drug distribution, with parents rightfully concerned and sharing a post saying:

ALL PARENTS PLEASE BE AWARE!! …There is a drug going around the schools ..Its known as Strawberry Quick …or strawberry meth …it looks like pop rocks kids eat & also smells like strawberries & also comes in other flavors like chocolate, etc. … Please tell your children not to take candy from ANYONE- even a class mate- because this drug that looks like pop rocks is actually crystal meth rocked up with strawberry flavor & can KILLl them :'( …PLEASE REPOST!!! so all parents are aware of this ..Thank You! This is happening all over the country..

Fortunately, though, there is no evidence that drug dealers are flavouring meth to be more appetising to children and experts say it is likely local police are confusing coloured meth, which is relatively common, with flavoured meth.

Which is bad news for any potential flavoursome Breaking Bad reboot.


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