Mum on holiday sends lengthy update text with no interesting details

One Sydney Mum has buggered off on holiday and was good enough to send her kids a text with no discernable information in it.



A travelling mother has sent her son a 42-word text message without including any interesting or useful information.

“I had spare time, so I thought I’d let Henry know we are safe and well,” said Paddington’s Carol Kirwan, who is traveling in Tasmania with her husband.

The 69-year-old says it took her more than 30 minutes to write and send the text, which included information about the weather and some minor hotel maintenance issues.

“I’m not good at texting,” she says. “But I don’t mind spending some time to keep my son updated.”

Double Bay Today understands that her 29-year-old son barely even read the text.

“I saw the text come through when I was out with friends,” says Henry Kirwan. “And then I completely forgot about it ’til three days later. If I’m being completely honest, I also forgot Mum and Dad were away.”

Carol Kirwan admits to feeling slightly underwhelmed by her son’s eventual reply, which was, “All good, speak soon.”

“Oh well, I don’t mind,” she says. “As long as he knows we are ok.”


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