Light-based protest to fight Opera House illumination amid security concerns

With Racing NSW citing “security concerns” around the Everest race, eyes now turn to the protest that seeks to literally outshine the illumination of the Opera House.



At the time of writing, all betting will be suspended on the much-maligned Everest racing event, citing the “security concerns” swirling around it, in particular, the use of the Opera House to pitch it.



Racing NSW has also decided to shift the barrier draw into a more private setting, amid concerns that the original plan (illuminating the results of the draw on the sails) would be sabotaged by antagonistic forces. Per a released statement, the organisation planted: “Racing NSW has made the decision to conduct the draw prior to the event to circumvent any security risks that may exist.”

With the term “security risk” part of the lexicon, eyes now turn to the Defend the Opera House demonstration scheduled for this evening, where a Facebook approximate of 19,000 people will unite to disrupt the illumination of the sails through the flash on their mobile phones.

According to the event page, the demonstration is “…a light-based protest” where attendees are asked to “bring things that create light in order to disrupt the use of the sails for advertising purposes – they are reserved for art…”

The organisers of the event have placed a series of caveats, outlining where and what to shine when Racing NSW attempts to illuminate the sails, stating:

“Please don’t argue with the police, try to interfere with projection infrastructure, illegally climb the bridge (have certainly seen that done before) and above all don’t fly drones!

If you’re driving a tugboat, who can blame you for passing your lamps over the sails? You’re navigating. If you’re filming a video, why shouldn’t your flash be stuck to the on position? It’s set to automatic, after all. If you can’t see very well in the dark, then why shouldn’t you be carrying a torch? It’s dangerous out there!

But the idea of this event is not to cause trouble, the idea is to express displeasure, and let that displeasure be known. And for it to be seen.”

With both the event and the protest going ahead, we’ll have to see how both sides hedge their bets.




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