Reo Group: A Stella way to elevate people

To the find the right career, you need to find someone who has found theirs. Stella of the Reo Group is exactly that someone.



Stella Petrou Concha recalls that her drive to elevate people was all-consuming even at the age of six.

Whilst other kids were not yet of an age to appreciate the benefits her special qualities could bestow upon them, she pressed on undeterred and initially pursued a career in medicine.

Much to her astonishment, she discovered that medicine was not her thing and she was destined rather to treat the wellbeing of minds rather than bodies.

After one or two forays into the field of personal development she experienced another big surprise, the realisation that the business where her talents could be deployed to best possible effect was recruitment.

Together with her husband Marcelo she founded the Reo Group and placed herself in exactly the right job. The Group specialises in executive search and recruitment for the finance sector.

Her guiding philosophy and motivation has long been “Elevating Human Potential” and that has raised the Reo Group into becoming considerably more than your average recruitment operation. Only 10% of the candidates who come to them seeking employment are placed in a job but Stella ensures that 100% of them benefit from having their human potential elevated.

She has always been disquieted by the number of people who miss out on careers and lifestyles through lack of education and advice. So she makes it her responsibility to ensure that all candidates who approach the Reo Group gain an elevation in their potential as a result.

Even the candidates that Reo don’t place in positions gain knowledge and advice through mentoring sessions designed to raise their employment prospects.

Stella believes very strongly that she delivers a better service to her finance sector clients by elevating the potential of candidates to become better employees rather than by merely finding them jobs.

The success of this philosophy led her to ways of embedding “Elevating Human Potential” even more deeply into the culture of her business.

As a result, the Reo Group became a member of B1G1, an international organisation dedicated to fostering corporate social responsibility initiatives among the business community. They recommended that the Reo Group support the Dot Com Mob’s work in central Australia.

The Dot Com Mob provides Knowledge and Technology Centres for underprivileged kids who have no access to schools. They have been brilliantly successful at proving the theory that technology is the pathway to poverty alleviation. They educate underprivileged kids through technology to knowledge to a better life.

The Reo Group donates the equivalent of fifty days’ viewing time for underprivileged kids every time they place a candidate in a job. Their contribution in 2018 is projecting to equal the Dot Com Mob’s total income in 2017. That means more Knowledge and Technology Centres with many more computers.

Both the kids in Central Australia and the Reo Group are continuing to benefit significantly from the effects of “Elevating Human Potential”.

Stella is far from done. She’s adding IT sector recruitment to the group’s suite of services and she’s planning to elevate the human potential of underprivileged kids in local areas in Western Sydney.

It seems there are no limits to the elevation of her own human potential.



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