Customer Relationship Management solutions should give you a full view of how your clients interact with you, usually across your entire organization, from first contact.

This should include the marketing activity that often is responsible for first finding the prospect, and also for much of the ongoing nurturing both before the initial sale and during the entire lifecycle of the customer. Marketing automation makes that so much easier.

This ebook gives you and overview of the main options for marketing automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 – including Dynamics 365 for Marketing, ClickDimensions, PowerObjects Power Pack, Adobe Marketing Cloud and HubSpot.

Marketing automation software indicates to you when a prospect’s timing is changing to your advantage.

This ebook is for you – if you are using, or thinking of using, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and want more from your marketing! It explains marketing automation and distils the options for you.

Click here to download your free copy of Marketing Automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a review of marketing automation and your options when using Microsoft Dynamics 365

What Is Marketing Automation?

Is it email marketing?

Is it inbound marketing?

Is it something else?

Is it all of that?

What does it mean to YOU as a marketer of high value products?

Marketing Automation and CRM – at face value, they seem to be the same thing, and they are often confused. In fact, they serve two distinct purposes. Marketing Automation lets you follow a prospect’s top-of-funnel activities. CRM typically takes over once the person has become at least a prospect. CRM stores information including how long a contact has been a customer, past purchase records, the dates and notes of any phone conversations you’ve had with them – anywhere in the organisation. Marketing automation software helps you build a relationship with people that are not yet ready to buy from you.

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