Shatner wants to launch Jacinda Ardern’s baby into space

The man who articulated the final frontier wants to launch Jacinda Ardern’s baby into space. For some reason.



Ever since we figured out how, we’ve launched a whole pile of nonsense into space. Dogs, Soviets, Elon Musk’s penis. However, it seems that we might have a new spectral icon to adore and revile, the four-month-old child that belongs Jacinda Ardern.

The mind behind the plot is the lesser captain of the Enterprise, William Shatner, dropping the following quote with Ardern present:

“Elon Musk, so he puts a rocket up, and he puts a car up, the Prime Minister has a baby, so why don’t we put the baby up, but think how much better New Zealand’s space program would be, instead of a car, how about a baby?”

“Hilariously” William Shatner was in Auckland to ruin/open Rocket Lab’s new factory. Jacinda, bless her, was good enough to dismiss the plan with a polite yeah/nah, stating: “I don’t think we’ll be following up on that particular payload suggestion.”

I mean, if we were to launch a kid into space, it’d probably be that kid, as the UN has already signed off on it. But with that being said, Ardern made a fairly wise decision in not handing over her baby to Captain Berk.

Look what he did to Elton’s.



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