iFLYflat: A more economical way to fly in space

The experience of modern-day air travel is more a sardine than a Tsar. This is where iFLYflat comes in. They’ll treat you how you deserve, for less.



Flying economy from Sydney or Melbourne to London is arguably the closest a human can ever come to experiencing life as a sardine.

From the moment you arrive at the airport until you get squeezed into a huge tin can you are swept up in a departing tide.

If waiting hours until check-in, getting a full body check and checking out through Customs and Immigration doesn’t leave a nasty taste in your mouth there’s always the coffee in the departure lounge.

Then after hours of processing you are finally squeezed into the economy section of the tin can and you come face to face with the mind-numbing reality that you are about to spend the next 24 hours within the impossibly narrow confines of 48E.

Then the passenger in front tilts his seat back and immediately the limitations of your new world are reduced by 20 percent.

You don’t have to be a contortionist to be comfortable on a long-haul international flight in economy but it helps. Though even if you are a contortionist you’ll find that joining the Mile High Club in this environment is a physical impossibility.

If you’ve never slept with a stranger, long-haul economy flights are a great opportunity. Given that you’re one of the small minority who can sleep sitting up you’re likely to wake up numb down one side or snuggled up to a hideous person in the next seat.

After they finally open the tin can in London to let you out it can take a considerable time to expand back into your normal body shape and regain full consciousness.

An economy class flight from Australia hardly delivers you to London in the ideal shape to start work.

In the course of his travels Steve Hui spotted an anomaly. CEOs and senior executives from large companies who flew business and first class travelled much better and arrived in far better shape than their counterparts in small and medium businesses who could only afford economy.

He also identified an opportunity to level the playing field. He reasoned that most corporate business expenses apart from wages, loan replacements and leases can be paid by credit card and generate frequent flyer points.

He founded IFLYflat six years ago to provide a service offering top SME executives with the opportunity to fly business class internationally without incremental cost. There are two parts to this highly successful enterprise.

IFLYflat operates as a credit card points consultant to business clients. It selects the optimum mix of business credit cards for each client so as to achieve maximum travel benefits consistent with their regular flying schedules. Steve’s operation has no peer in navigating the maze of airlines and credit cards and identifying optimum packages for clients.

It is also a travel agency with an uncanny ability to secure the exact flight itineraries required by clients and pay for them with their points. IFLYflat is highly skilled at integrating points from a range of sources, frequent flyer and others, into one homogeneous even magical package.

These are the skills and services that enable top SME executives to fly business class internationally without incurring extra costs.

They are also the reason Steve is called “The Points Whisperer”.

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A one-off fee of just $3,499 secures the points consultancy service that enables business clients to maximise their company points haul, turning payments for everyday business expenses into flight rewards.

A business class ticket to Asia or other countries within the region costs $1,500 and a business class ticket to the UK, US and the rest of the world costs just $2,500 including all ticket taxes and fees – a far cry from regularly quoted prices of around $8,000.

Steve’s breakthrough idea has unlocked the hidden value that provides unprecedented opportunity for top SME executives to sleep flying flat on international flights and arrive in much better shape.

His organisation provides a travel service that is unique, and his SME clients love not only the new access to luxury international travel but also the fact they’re totally absolved from the complex business of arranging it.

You can begin the process of unlocking the hidden travel value in your business by going to www.iflyflat.com.au.

The ability to fly flat in business class means you will travel and sleep much more like a Tsar than a sardine.



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