Jane Caro moves to challenge Abbott in Warringah

According to the internet, Tony Abbott’s seat of Warringah is the next to be challenged by an independent candidate, one Jane Caro.



According to the wilds of the internet (and the empathetic lettering of ex-Barnaby Joyce antagonist Tony Windsor), it seems that lecturer and social commentator Jane Caro may run against Fortress Abbott in Warringah.



Strangely, the entirety of the push was birthed in the crucible of Twitter (put forward by a comedian of all people), as the elation of Kerryn Phelps toppling an extremely safe Liberal seat as an independent has goosed many in the Eastern suburbs to challenge the status quo.



In response to the above, Caro tweeted the following:



The scalp of Tony Abbott has been long prized, both in political and otherwise circles. Many claimants have trudged to the sand-swept doors to challenge him, inclusive of TV presenter James Mathison. To that end, it seems that that previous Abbott antagonist is set to assist the next one, as their push has been moved behind the closed doors of Twitter’s DMs.



A plot orchestrated on Twitter it may be, but the obvious question remains. Can a bested television host help a journalist topple a man who has been politicking since 1994? The answer is a contextual maybe, as perhaps, the timing is the most important factor. For the first time in a long while, Abbott’s grip on Warringah is slipping, as he was almost beaten by no-one in a preselection vote back in September, with Fairfax claiming that he ran unopposed, but managed to secure 55% of the vote. According to Fairfax, voters in Warringah believe Tony is out of touch, particularly in the wake of the same-sex marriage postal vote, as Warringah returned a 75 per cent vote in favour, representing the 10th-highest vote in the country, and the fifth highest within the Liberal Party.

With that being said, Caro’s political experience may not be enough to topple Tony, but according to Caro, that’s not the point.



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