Yes, the internet lies. But does it lie all the time? This week, we attempt to find truth in the claim that Barron Trump is a whiz at chess and if the jeans that mask your farts actually work.



Internet Curio #1: Barron Trump is actually a secret grand chess master.

Sure, Donald Trump says he is really really ridiculously intelligent and the world scoffs – but what about his son, Barron Trump? In the past week posts have been circulating on Twitter and Facebook, claiming:

“Barron Trump is only 11 years old but he has already attained one of the highest titles in all of sports. This should be no surprise considering who his father is. Donald Trump is one of the highest ranked and most celebrated American chess players of all time.”

The stories circulating on social media are also claiming the media are not reporting on Barron’s prestigious award due to anti-Trump sentiments.





Internet Curio #2: Internet creates anti-flatulence jeans to mask your noxious fumes.

There’s a point in every relationship where you fart in front of the other person. It’s a couple signpost that often arrives too early. It is the stuff nightmares are made of: you are on a date and in the car, you accidentally fart. You are hoping your date doesn’t notice, as the two of you sit nervously while you watch their face for any indication of being grossed out by you. Well, now you can buy flatulence jeans, for $100, with the jeans’ carbon lining providing increased protection and absorbing all flatulence.

The claims are that the odour is naturalised by the fabric which is also washable. What a world.

Result: LEGIT – they also have PJs that do the same!



Internet Curio #3: Canada is facing a national donut crisis in the wake of legalised cannabis.

News reports circulating are suggesting that after the legalisation of marijuana in Canada, seven donut stores have had to close earlier than usual due to an abnormally high demand, due to their being located near places where cannabis is legally sold. The articles also claim the stores have received emails from head office warning of possible flour shortages, and recommending stores hire more staff.



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