Local man gains notoriety by heavily posting on suburb’s Facebook page

One local has become something of a neighbourhood celebrity, his fame purely based on the frequency of his posting on the suburb’s Facebook page.



64-year-old Roger Crammond is enjoying something of a renaissance.

“I discovered the ‘Potts Pointers’ Facebook group three months ago and I haven’t looked back.”

He’s now posting local news, views and vague thoughts all day, every day.

“I’ve made some friends, some enemies and sometimes I even get recognised at the local shops,” he says. “I’m finally getting the attention I always felt I deserved.”

In a bid to cement his new-found status, the retiree is in the process of organising a community gathering.

On the Potts Pointers Facebook page, he’s reaching out to local cafes, hoping to secure a venue.

“It’ll be an important opportunity for residents to get together and have a whinge about how bad the local council is.”

He’s also hoping to eventually become the administrator of the Facebook page.

“Some young guy is doing it at the moment, but I want to take over,” he says. “I want to be a conduit for social activity in my local area.”



This piece was originally published by Double Bay Today.


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