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Morrison’s folksy videos are pitching to his Australia


By now, we’re overly familiar with Scott Morrison’s overly familiar social media videos. While we might roll our eyes at the tackiness, he’s connecting to the Australia that matters to him.



If there’s one thing the battered Australian electorate needs to stomach, it’s the raw prawn from our Prime Minister. The preferred mode of discourse of Uncle-Dad Sco-Mo is the short social media video, where the highest elected official in the land drops ocker-bombs in hip-hop riposte. His flow is both dope and elastic, as his method works for the Invictus Games as much as it does the relieving the farmers. He’s a Dre beat away from going the full Eminem. Turn the hat backwards, and we’re there.



Morrison’s tacky video catalogue is an important part of who he is. While he’s presenting himself as a man of the people, he’s also presenting himself as the man of the people. He’s striving for the zenith of suburban Australian folk herodom. He wants to be the Man from Snowy River and the bloke from ’round the corner who’d lend you his mower and not immediately ask for it back. But, crucially, he would show you how to use it, you know, because this catch is a bit tricky.

As an anglo-Male born in the more bogan climes of this land, Morrison’s vibe is familiar. I’ve seen in the faces of my elders. He’s that relo that leans over the car you’re fixing, he’s the one who offers coaching advice to television athletes, he’s the one who doesn’t socialise at the BBQ, save for lurking over your shoulder, with beer in hand, and gaze firmly on the steaks you’ll bugger up if you don’t pay attention. He’s the kind who owns a questionable apron for the cooking of meat outdoors that alludes to breasts, but crucially, only wears it as his place. He’s the guy you don’t take seriously by impulse. There’s a kind reverse genius to it. We believe that we’re smarter than him, and indeed, register our disgust on social media, which in turn makes him a victim for the Australia that isn’t immediately influenced by Twitter.



To be perfectly frank, or to calls it as I sees it, the Morrison videos, although seemingly passe and/or Paul Hoganesque, could actually resonate. I believe it’s a question of comparison. Considering the only other producer of political videos, one Bob Katter, is closer to The Actor’s Studio than actual reality, Morrison’s brand of homespun harmlessness seems legitimate.



He’s probably seeking for the “Oh, Dad” eye roll from the electorate, but also knowing that you’ll be back when you need a loan, safe in the knowledge that you know he’s good for it. Maybe he got his idea from the paternal figures on Lotto advertisements. Daggy, safe, but one that’d graciously pay off your house with his winnings, because of course he would. Wouldn’t it be nice?

And yes, it’s not reflecting well in the Newspolls (as he dipped again this morning), there’s nothing more that Australia loves above the meaningful battler. Reality doesn’t factor into it. He’s pitching to his version of Australia. Considering that his opposite number is doing nothing more than just talking n’ that, expect Morrison’s road train of thought to roll on.



Put another shrimp on the barbie, Scotty, ya bonza gronk legend.




Andrew Wicks

Andrew Wicks is a country boy with a penchant for movies and sport. After a few years working in health, he decided he'd rather work with today's youth and studied arts and education in rural NSW. His main interests are religion, health and lairy shirts.

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