Paul Dovas

Cricket Australia responds to claims of arrogance by telling detractors to f*&K off


In response to an independent review of their boorish culture, Cricket Australia responded in a rather fitting manner.  Got him!



Cricket Australia has denied it has a culture problem, labelling the independent review into its culture as “fake news”.

“They’re all [email protected]&!en morons,” said a spokesman for Cricket Australia, as he swung a cricket bat at a waiting media contingent. “Cricket is a brutal game, what would these sissies know?”

The Ethics Centre was commissioned to conduct an independent review into Australian cricket’s culture following the ball-tampering scandal in South Africa earlier this year.

Among its 41 findings, the Ethics Centre accused Cricket Australia as being “arrogant and controlling”, a point which Chairman David Peever described as the “silver lining on an otherwise erroneous piece of fiction.”

It’s expected that Cricket Australia will ignore the other 40 findings.


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