Amber: Making digital currencies easy

We’re not that far away from the launch of Amber, a simple digital currency revolution that removes the mistakes of blockchain and Bitcoin, and focuses on the user.




I’ve been itching to “officially” tell everyone about Amber, but have wanted to wait until we’re closer to launch.

That day is not too far away, so here we go…



Amber is a digital currency exchange, wallet and round-up app — all in the palm of your hand.

Our mission is to make digital currencies easy, for everyday people.

You simply download the app, link your account and get on with your life.

The spare change from each of your transactions is automatically converted into Bitcoin and Ethereum – like a digital piggy bank.

It’s Australia’s first fully integrated digital currency exchange, wallet and micro-investment app, so not only can you buy digital currencies with your spare change, you’ll also be able to store, swap, send and sell.



There is soooo much happening in the crypto, blockchain and digital currency space. Some good…and then a whole bunch of noise.

Everyone’s running around with an idea that’s going to “change the world” or some new AI-powered Blockchain with machine learning drones that send rockets to Mars, wash your clothes, cook your food and make you rich while you sleep.

Whilst there is some merit to the real innovations beneath the hype, even a lot of that “stuff” is still years away from being used by the average person.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos says it best in this video, when he’s asked “what’s next for Bitcoin/Blockchain?”



And the numbers don’t lie. Despite all of the supposed “growth” we had last year, the level of adoption is a fraction of the level of general awareness.


Looking at all of this, we realised that we need to go back to basics.

We don’t need to create that super-advanced shiny new thing that’s going to “change everything”. What’s needed right now is basic infrastructure:

  • better on-ramps (exchanges);
  • better infrastructure (wallets, storage etc);
  • better education.

We need to make it easier for the everyday person to get involved, and in the simplest of actions first, i.e.; buying some Bitcoin, storing it in a wallet, swapping it for some Litecoin, sending it to a friend, paying a merchant for some pizza and then selling some of it if they want to.

So at Amber, we asked ourselves some simple but direct questions:

“How can we do that, in a way that’s as simple as possible, that the user doesn’t have to ‘think’ about, that’s intuitive, that’s secure, and that’s all-in-one?”

The answer???



An exchange, wallet and round up app all in the palm of your hand.

No token, no ICO, no new fandangled “Blockchain”, no whitepaper, no techno-babble, no moon, no Lambo and no silly promises of getting rich doing nothing.

No fluff here. Just a simple, all in one application that gives the user everything they need, in once place, and helps them accumulate Bitcoin plus other digital currencies with their spare change, whilst they do what they do during their normal, daily lives.

Minimal effort required.

Minimal risk.

Minimal headache, or “things” to work out.



As humans, when we discover something new, we tend get ahead of ourselves and forget that it’s often the simple things that make most of the difference.

Amber is about bringing us back to basics, and doing the right thing by the everyday user – because without them, this entire experiment fails and we may as well go back to what we were all doing before.


Google…not AoL

Twenty years ago, AoL said, “we need a better Internet.”

Google, Netscape and Hotmail said, “we need to make the Internet useful.”

Here we are, in 2018…

Google is…well…Google. Netscape opened the Internet up via the browser and Hotmail fundamentally changed communication with email accessible to all.

AoL??? Lining the dustbin of the Internet’s history.


It’s our strongly held belief that we do not need another Bitcoin, nor another ridiculous token or pointless blockchain idea.

  • We have sound, unstoppable digital money.
  • We have a couple of great options for platforms upon which functions can be built – with no intermediary facilitator.

We also have some things almost here/around the corner/on the horizon:

  • digital collectables (getting better…on the way);
  • Sovereign Identity solutions;
  • financial and exchange functionality at the protocol layer (think interest, lending, savings, etc);
  • tokenised/digitised forms of real-world assets.

And some cool things that we’ve probably not come up with yet.

What we need to do now, is make these things accessible and useful.

And that’s our mission.


In closing

It’s been almost 18 months since I first floated the idea and started annoying random people on the street with my (now over-used) five questions:

  • Have you heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? (Often yes, especially later 2017)
  • Do you know where to buy them? (Not really)
  • Do you know how much to buy? (No idea)
  • Do you know what to do with it? (Umm…buy things online?)
  • Would you put your spare change into it? (Mostly yes)

It’s been nine months since we actually got together as a team and started to build this.

Real businesses, quality products and amazing teams take time to build.

We’ve kept our heads down and worked hard, we’ve run various iterations, built some pretty amazing partnerships and not too long from now, we’ll be releasing some early versions of the Amber App.

I personally could not be happier with the caliber of people involved, from the investors that have backed us, to the advisory team that helps guide us, to the incredible team we have actually building this thing, the close partners that have been itching to tell the world about it and the initial customers that have been our guinea pigs along the way.

You’re all amazing, and I look forward to the next chapter of our journey as we release Amber and begin to introduce people to this new, natively digital world and empower them to have more choice in their personal and financial lives.




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