I have this recurring kind of encounter with owners of small and medium-sized businesses. The conversation is always the same. and it concerns me so much that I decided to put my thoughts down for you here.



It happened again this week. The owner of a small/medium tech advisory business came to me seeking my advice. She had started the business a few years ago and grew it quickly by leveraging her personal contacts and business relationships. But a couple of years down the track, when she had used up all of her connections, suddenly the growth stopped.

She came to me to ask my advice as we was considering “Hiring a BDM”.

I asked her whether she has in place:

1. a succinct value proposition
2. a scalable lead generation and sales process
3. a sales pipeline

In each case the answer was ‘No”. She asked me: “Won’t the BDM bring all that with them?”

I explained that, in my experience, commissioned salespeople like to make money, that they prefer to come into an organisation where everything is set up for them and where their success is being actively supported, not where they first have to set everything up themselves, often without getting paid for it.

I then went on to explain that I have seen it many times that the pressure of expectations makes them go for” quick wins”, they take shortcuts and the business ends up never being set up for long term success.

So, my advice is not to put the cart before the horse:

Get your house in order, set up your sales processes and systems first and then scale up. This way you won’t have to start again just when your business takes off.

Talk to me at pstrohkorb@peterstrohkorbconsulting.com if you ‘d like to know more on how to do that. You can also download this handy checklist to discover the gaps in your lead generation and sales process: http://www.peterstrohkorb.com/s/Peter-Strohkorb-Help-Customers-To-Buy-2018.pdf

Peter Strohkorb is an international Business Growth Consultant, an acclaimed Author, a professional Speaker and Business Owner. He is also a popular Guest Lecturer in the Executive MBA program at the prestigious Sydney Business School.


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