We have positioned Now Sorted as the ultimate online vault for both family and business users. It is the digital place where life’s key information, important documents and additional crucial information can be securely stored – and instantly accessed when needed. Ideal for loved ones should ‘the unexpected’ happen (and it most often does).

In the 12 years that Now Sorted has been serving clients (mainly families), issues that have pleased people the most have been subtle tweaks that have made Now Sorted so different from competitors.

Our focus is on three key elements: ease of use, simplicity of operation, and ‘sleep at night’ security. Here we highlight just five of the eleven main protocols that underpin our approach to security.

Password stringent requirements. A little over two years ago, we introduced the need for every User’s password to be at least eight characters long (contrast that with many of the passwords you are using right now). In addition, the password must include at least one number and one capital letter and one symbol (e.g. ‘%’). These rigorous requirements make copying a Now Sorted password extremely difficult to do … and most would-be hackers simply chase far easier online targets rather than trying to untie this digital knot.

All User names and Passwords are encrypted. This means that such information is automatically transcribed into secret code. It is the most effective way to achieve data security. To read an encrypted file, a hacker must have access to a secret key, without which accessing information is all but impossible. And we’ve made finding that key unspeakably difficult.

Two factor authentication. We introduced this feature in the last 12 months. We’ve made it optional for all Users because it requires that each time you want access to your Now Sorted vault, you must insert a new code that is sent, usually, by SMS message to your nominated smart phone. This technology means that any User that wants access needs to prove they are who they say they are … or else, no admittance. Full stop.

Transport Layer Security. This technology is active every time you wish to send (transport) data from your computer or smart device to your vault inside the Now Sorted app. It ‘scrambles’ the information being sent and received so that it is impossible to retrieve while in transit. You are using this technology whenever you do your online banking.

Secrecy for every important number and ID label. The person who signs up to obtain a vault is the Administrator – and can see every stored record and document; however, they can also give permission to ‘trusted others’ (family members, professional advisers, etc) to see some or all of what is stored in the vault – and, can also turn off access to those parts required to remain secret – and the Important Numbers section would undoubtedly be part of that. This flexibility makes Now Sorted unique as your family’s digital storage location.

We realise that ‘tech-talk’ can be boring but User security is critically important to our clients and ourselves. We deploy no less than eleven security elements (and the eleventh we don’t talk about).

To see a one-page list of our security protocols – with helpful links – please click here.

To explore a whole lot more about the broad scope of Now Sorted, please visit www.nowsorted.com or contact us for more personal information at hello@nowsorted.com. We are genuinely here to help.


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