Innocent “Movember” participant taken in by police on vague suspicion of wrongdoing

One innocent Movember participant was taken in by the police over the weekend, primarily on the basis of looking more than a bit suss.



A completely innocent Movember participant has been questioned by police after being seen among young children at a Sydney park.

“We spoke to the man, particularly in relation to his moustache,” says Inspector Rob Craft. “We also had deep concerns about his yellow jumper and purple tie combination.”

The man told police he was taking part in the annual Movember event, which involves growing a moustache to raise money for men’s health.

It’s understood police remained suspicious, so they conducted a raid on the man’s home, finding a large stash of candy in his bedroom.

“He told us the candy was just leftovers from Halloween,” says Inspector Rob Craft. “After a thorough search of his home computer and mobile phone, we found nothing untoward.”

Police issued the man a warning, and instructed him to stay away from young children. No further action was taken.

“We do see increased concerns around November each year,” says Rob Craft. Anyone who sees anything suspicious is urged to contact police.”


This piece was originally published by Double Bay Today.


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