Internet creates True Detective/Detective Pikachu crossover

This morning, a new Poke movie ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’ hit our senses, but it wasn’t very effective. Fortunately, the dorks of the internet have already made with the mirthful criticism. 



For whatever reason, Hollywood has decided to play god, pairing their most basic troll, Ryan Reynolds, with life-like versions of Pokemon for…reasons.



It’s a great idea, frankly, as life-like versions of treasured Nintendo icons has never gone awry. Ever. I’m just going to leave this here completely without further explanation. Cough, cough, copy, paste.

Nevertheless, it’s happening, and the only thing left to do is to pick fault in the logic. Fortunately, for every awful Hollywood idea, a gritty reboot is made in an effort to save it. With that in mind, the bent dork minds of The Ringer have decided to construct a trailer crossing over the universes of HBO’s True Detective and the land where children are forced to trap animals and fight each other to the death for reasons. 

Crippling perpetual angst and/or nihilism…I choose you!



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