Politician ‘switches’ gender in order to debate abortion

Well, we’ve done it again. Yet another politician has officially made a fool of themselves, with Barry O’Sullivan switching genders in an effort to discuss an issue he’s already discussed in the past. ‘Straya.



Every so often, we’re reminded about the precious gift of sanity…and how easily that gift is squandered. Whichever side of the political argument you sit on, we can roundly agree that our politicians are the height of well, the pits. I’m not entirely sure we should give these morons a platform, but nevertheless, the LNP’s Barry O’Sullivan decided to openly switch genders in Question Time today,  in an effort to allow himself to comment on abortion issues.



I mean, sure. Australian Politics makes no sense at the best of times. They’ve recently just discovered the benefits of prop comedy, be it Scott Morrison’s lump of coal, Ed Husic bringing in a scale model of a human spine, or Pauline Hanson donna a burqa, it’s a place that only serves as an example of peak embarrassment. O’Sullivan’s nonsense fits right in, and similarly, makes no sense, as Bazza’s gender switcheroo was not needed, as he’s openly platformed against anti-abortion issues in the past. Particularly in the implementation (of the dystopian sounding) Resolution 26, one which states that the LNP must support women and their partners considering abortions after 18 weeks gestation, and ensure legislation is enforced requiring women to be “informed” of choices when terminating a pregnancy. In fact, Mr Barry said at the time that “…we as a society in some instances treat our women just as we did in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s, particularly around pregnancy.”

He also claimed that some women “wished something like this” had existed when they terminated pregnancies the past. Whether that is true (or not), is irrelevant. He’s discussing it.

Barry O’Sullivan is merely the tip of a very nonsensical iceberg, one I believe that we should melt with meaningful punishment. I mean, rolling our eyes and shaking our fist at the backbench changes nothing. We’ve been doing the same to Antonious Abbott with little or no result.

I’m of the mind that we need to implement an impartial judge. One who offers blunt castigation on this nonsense, one who can offer a score, and dismiss these idiots with the clang of a gong.

Someone like this guy:



Make the call, Australia.



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