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Trudeau wears a buzzer that gets him out of meetings, and we want one too

According to the host of Jeopardy, Justin Trudeau wears a buzzer that secretly alerts his staff when he wants to escape a meeting. Does he know the number of the wholesaler?



I’m a puzzled as you. In a rather expansive interview with Vulture, Alex Trebek (the Jeopardy! dude) casually dropped this odd curio. According to the gospel of Trebek,  Justin Trudeau wears a hidden “buzzer” in his shirt that alerts his staff when he wants to be discreetly extracted from a conversation.

Now, It’s worth mentioning that they’re both Canadians, and they’ve both met previously, but this how it went down. Apparently.



Yes, sadly it’s false, and yes, Trebek, very droll.

However, the secret jettison button is a real thing. Last year, The Wrap noted that Pope Pius XI had a button under his desk that served the same purpose. Il Papa would press the button and a waiting attendant would kick everyone out. In fact, it’s so true, that it was evidenced in fiction, as the button appeared in a scene in HBO’s The Young Pope in which the pope uses it to get out of an awkward conversation. Shout outs.

According to Hugo Vickers, a royal historian, QE2 (the monarch, not the ship) also possesses a “discreet buzzer” in her Buckingham Palace suite, but also uses a system of secret signals that let staff know when she wants to GTFO. According to Vickers, if she twists thy royal handbag, ready the corgis for a sharp escape, old bean. With that being said, there are easier options for we commoners, those not chosen by God, or the breeding of a family in a palace.

To wit:



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