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Savvy: Your trusted path towards getting your first car


Your first car is a meaningful signpost in your adult life. But what to know, and who to trust is difficult when starting from scratch. This is where Savvy comes in.



Buying a car is almost always linked to nostalgia

Most people remember their very first car. The experience is often as nostalgic as the smell of mangoes in the summer, or bread baking at your grandmother’s. Your very first car likely provided you with a glimpse into freedom, a future unrestrained from parental supervision and for many, the foundation of their formative years. The excitement that comes with owning your car is never limited to your first vehicle. For many Australians, each vehicle marks a time in their lives – their first larger vehicle, to accommodate a time in their lives where they were factoring in a growing family, to the fast and often compact vehicle that was purchased in celebration of the finishing of a degree, or a job promotion.


Don’t let decision fatigue ruin the moment

The important component here is the excitement, and idealistically the joy associated with the memories you have around why you purchased that particular vehicle. We often talk about decision fatigue, a concept which is often assigned to the almost visceral of responses to a Netflix binge, and also explains why people such as Mark Zuckerberg wear the same coloured shirt each day. You want your decision-making energy to be allocated to the things that really bring you joy, and the things that you can control. The last part of the decision making process that you want to have to worry about is how are you going to obtain the finance through the best possible rate. Questions such as “which bank will accept me?” or “is my credit rating bad?” to “what if I apply for a loan and get rejected because it was the wrong financial product, will that limit my ability to get another loan application?” can keep even the most financially-secure up at night.


Do you have the toolset to apply for finance effectively?

These questions, for some who are lucky, are easily answered by those who have a friend or family member who understands the decision making process behind financing. Unfortunately though, few have this network to call on so easily. As such, they are left to their own devices, Googling answers and wasting hours trying to navigate complex comparison sites and loan applications. It is fortunate then that Australian financial disrupters such as Savvy exist to ensure that one is able to obtain such information, even if they are not necessarily within the right networks. Savvy prides itself on not only being able to save you time from filling out endless forms, but they are able to ensure you get the best rate for the current situation you find yourself in, whatever that may be.


Savvy has fast become the partner for busy Australians

That so many Australians have been the recipients of Savvy’s consistent record of success over eight years should give some indication of the calibre that this platform promises, and the trust it evokes in its customers. In a world of murky offers, confusing rates and omission of eligibility, Savvy has become the partner that works on behalf of busy Australians. Whether you need an affordable practical family-car or you are ready to splash out and buy your first luxury vehicle, Savvy can ensure your scenario results in one thing – that the only thing you need to worry about is which car you want in your driveway.



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