iFLYflat: Ensuring you arrive better through travelling comfortably

iFLYflat converts everyday SME transactions into flight rewards, making business class travel no longer a pie in the sky for small businesses.



My boss and I flew to London recently to clinch a major contract.

We work for a medium size engineering business. Derek is a director and I’m the unsung hero who does all the work.

He travelled business class while I travelled the best I could in the economy of space at the back.

I had never fully appreciated the huge disparity between the two. It’s like comparing a suite at the Ritz with a communal bedroom in a downtown hostel.

It took Derek two minutes to check his baggage while I queued for forty-five. Then to my chagrin I discovered that he could have arranged for me to check in with him. Once I’d made it through migration I was pleased to find he’d eschewed the opportunity to wallow in free luxury in an airline lounge in favour of a modest cup of airport coffee with me.

Once the flight had been called he was free to board whenever he liked but I had to wait to be rounded up and herded onto the plane along with all the other economy passengers destined to be corralled around me in seat 57F.

I was in the middle section between a teenager and a guy who looked like a terror suspect and there wasn’t a toilet in sight. To my extreme consternation I realised this was my world for the next 24 hours.

At dinner time Derek took pity on me and brought me a business class main course. It was like getting cordon bleu cuisine delivered by Uber Eats to the staff canteen.

I can’t sleep on planes. My body is simply incapable of slipping into sleep mode when it is twisted into an unnatural sitting position pressed up against a male teenager on one side and a terrorism suspect on the other who had the screen in front of him switched on all night.

Derek’s sterling presentation at the meeting bore testimony to the value of business class travel when on business and also to the decision of our CEO to appoint iFLYflat.

Derek enjoyed ten hours of sleep in the normal flat position. When I finally caught up with him having disembarked half an hour later he looked ready for a big night out while I looked as though I’d just had one.

We went straight from London Airport to the meeting with the prospective customer and clinched the deal, although I must confess my contribution was very limited until I’d had at least six hits of caffeine.

Derek’s sterling presentation at the meeting bore testimony to the value of business class travel when on business and also to the decision of our CEO to appoint iFLYflat.

Steve Hui established the revolutionary iFLYflat travel business in two distinct parts.

First it acts as a business points consultant to small and medium businesses. It selects the optimum mix of business credit cards for each of its clients so as to achieve maximum travel benefits consistent with their regular travel schedules. iFLYflat has no peer when it comes to navigating the maze of airlines and credit cards and adopting optimum strategies.

Steve discovered that most business expenses can be paid by credit card including PAYG, suppliers and rent. The only major items that don’t qualify are wages, loan payments and leases.

iFLYflat is also a travel agency with the uncanny knack of securing the exact flight itineraries preferred by clients through highly advantageous deals that are paid for by accrued points. It is especially skilled at integrating points from a range of sources – frequent flyer and various credit cards – into one homogeneous package; some might even say magical.

No wonder they call Steve “The Points Whisperer”.

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He has created a travel service that unlocks the hidden value in SME business transactions and enables the senior management at client organisations to afford business class travel.

A one-off fee of just $3,499 secures the points consultancy service for business clients. This maximises their points’ travel by turning payments for everyday expenses into flight rewards.

A business class ticket booked with accumulated points to Asia and other countries in the region costs just $1,500 and to the US, UK and the rest of the world it costs $2,500 – and that covers all ticket taxes and fees. That’s a far cry from regularly quoted prices around $8,000.

Given that my economy ticket cost only marginally less than Derek’s business class you’d think our company would have stumped up the difference to book me in alongside him.

At our company however only directors qualify for the travel benefits accruing from our association with iFLYflat, but I’m hopeful of being promoted out of economy class in the not too distant future.

iFLYflat not only provides a brilliant travel service that delivers business travel at no premium over economy but it absolves clients entirely of all the hassle of making travel arrangements.

You can begin the process of realising the hidden travel value in your business by contacting Steve through [email protected] or calling him direct on (02) 9258 1115.

I look forward to the day when I arrive for meetings at overseas destinations with an abundance of get-up-and-go like Derek instead of an economy class hangover like me.


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