Eastern suburbs cocaine users take shelter as dust storm closes in

Panicked cocaine enthusiasts are fleeing for the indoors as this afternoon’s predicted dust storm blows its way into Sydney.



Cocaine users around the Eastern suburbs are among those bracing for the worst as a large dust storm hits the NSW coast.

Derek Holding spoke to Double Bay Today as he was fleeing Centennial Park a short time ago.

“I’m currently in the park clearing some cobwebs from a large night on the rack when I heard about the dust storm,” he says. “Fuck that shit. I’m heading indoors. I’m feeling dusty enough as it is.”

The Bureau of Meteorology says it expects the storm to thicken up over the next few hours, peaking in the early afternoon.

“There’s no way I’m going to inhale that stuff,” says Holding. “I’m saving my sinuses for this weekend when I’ll be on the bags yet again. It’s a busy time of year.”

Weather experts say a cold front and strong wind is whipping up the dust and sending it east.

The dust storm is expected to clear up tomorrow.

More to come.


This piece was originally published by Double Bay Today.


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