“If it doesn’t work, at least we tried.” In an effort to bring peace to their relationship, local couple decides to introduce a baby into the equation.



The honeymoon period is officially over for Jean Booth and her husband of four years, Harry.

“We’re constantly fighting and struggling to find things in common,” says Jean. “But we have a plan.”

The pair say they’ve agreed to introduce another human being into the mix.

“This could be just the thing we need to bring our marriage back to normal,” says Harry. “I haven’t thought much about having kids in the past, but I’ve learnt the quickest way to shut her up is to say ‘yes’.”

Despite all their friends with children warning them it makes marriage infinitely more difficult, Harry and Jean have told Double Bay Today they plan to have a baby ASAP.

“The baby will be so cute hopefully we’ll forget how much we hate each other,” says Jean. “If it doesn’t work, at least we tried.”


This piece was originally published by Double Bay Today.


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