Real estate company moves office to VR island

One US realty company has decided to do away with office space entirely, creating a VR island to conduct business in. Oddly, they sell real estate.




The VR realm might seem like a spiffing good time. You can poorly play terrible video game ports, you can look like a putz in front of your nearest and dearest as you run blindly fumble around your lounge room, and/or you can experience the new wave of smut, primarily because you’re a well-adjusted sort of person, and a strong curiosity streak is perfectly normal.

But, things fall apart and become needlessly corporatised. This is absolutely true of this world, as a company called eXp Realty has decided to great a virtual cage to keep their employees in. Like an ant farm, or a cult. This virtual Jonestown apparently allows one to complete your real-world tasks in a make-believe land of extreme productivity and graphics c. 1997.

Here it is below.



The company is so enamoured with their creation, they’ve shifted all their workspace to the above island. eXp Realty only exists on a computer. Which is particularly strange, as they sell real estate. Legitimate, actual space. How can you take them seriously if they’re all pretending to leave their office with ocean views? The ocean doesn’t exist, therefore, a good one you cannot gauge.

I know what you’re thinking. How can an exotic island based on work truly exist? Are we that lucky? Frankly, if you’re of management, and you believe that your workforce will love this exotic shift off-shore, well, I don’t think your father should have got you that job.

I mean, look at it. If you had shares in this company, would you put up with this? Would you?



According to Big Think, one reporter took a tour of this island, which encompasses meeting rooms and offices cribbed off existing workspaces, but also the ability to meet and interact with colleagues on a beach, soccer field and speedboats, because. According to the report, the program allows employees to interact in a variety of modes, as the aforesaid journalist pointed out:

“Another small thing that I thought made a big difference was that, while we were in a virtual room, we were also in our own ‘private room,’ designated by that blue dotted circle surrounding us. That meant voices from other conversations didn’t interrupt ours, and everyone’s voices within our meeting could be heard equally clearly.”

The glad-handing doesn’t stop there, with eXp Realty’s CTO, Scott Petronis congratulating himself further, stating his colleagues are “more excited to meet one another in the real world—excited enough that they go out of their way to meet up during vacations when they’re in a coworker’s hometown or country.”

Run, employees. Run for your virtual life.



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