Every Christmas we constantly hear of people complaining that they have increased their weight and their body fat over the holiday period. A combination of good food and alcohol leading to an increase in calorie consumption, leading to increase in body fat. So what are you going to do differently this year?

The reality is the Christmas period has got longer and longer with parties and functions now starting in November and continuing into the New Year. So what are some simple tricks you can apply to help you beat the Christmas spread?

Step 1. Water

As much as we all love a drink, whether it be a beer, wine or soft drink, the reality is alcohol and soft drinks will cause an increase in your insulin levels, thus leading to your storing more fat. So, by drinking more water, or having a glass of water in between drinks you will remain hydrated and fill you up so you eat and drink less.

Step 2. Eat the good stuff first

A lot of the time at the Christmas parties there is the ability to go back and eat more and more and more. So here is our strategy for a buffet. Your fist plate is salad / vegetables and meat- ideally the lean meat. Once you have eaten your first plate – have a break – just 10mins then go back and have your second plate this plate can be anything you like. What normally happens is you will be full from your first plate, which then leads to you eating less on the second time around.

Step 3. Plan your meals

There will obviously be parties and meals where you know that you are going to eat more and drink. So set yourself up around these meals. Remember everything counts- so if you know you are going out for lunch, plan a lighter dinner and a healthy option for breakfast. This way rather than the whole day turning into an eating fest, it is just a party meal.

Step 4: Move.

Keep moving, plan your exercise routine to continue throughout the holiday period- regular walks, your personal training session at least twice a week: whatever it is, this will ensure you keep on track and the pants don’t shrink over the holiday season.

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