Achieving a goal in your life such as improving your health and your fitness can be extremely challenging. Whether it be weight loss, increasing strength, improving your posture or ensuring that you do not develop lifestyle type diseases such as heart disease or diabetes it is essential that you set yourself up for success.

One of the most important ways to do this is to ensure you surround yourself with the right people, people who believe in you and who can support you along the way. Support starts in the home, although this is often not the case. You need to chat to your family members and close friends to help you achieve this goal. Some of your biggest critics will be family and friends. If these people are not supporting you, remove them from the equation. Once you have 2-3 support buddies, look for professionals who can help, blogs, podcasts or videos and surround yourself with good positive information that helps you to believe in yourself. Chances are you will struggle with self-belief so get it from other sources. Grab a motivational talk or a song and make it your inspiration. Finally, get an accountability buddy or expert (this cannot be a family or friend), this professional will help you set a plan- this can be a doctor, allied health, a coach or a personal trainer; they are there to keep you accountable and focused on your goal.

Maybe you have hit that stage where you have decided, “Enough is enough: I am not willing to continue, things have to change!” Unfortunately, for a lot of people, this needs to happen for them to be able to change. Are you ready to take this step are you ready to say,

“F&#k it I will not live like this for one more day!”

For any situation to change, whether it be your health, your relationship, your job or your business you need to make a decision to make it happen.

So, what is the one thing in your life that needs to change- health, weight, relationship, finances- declare that this needs to change and how. Write it down, what it is and why it needs to change. Let’s imagine this did not change? How would this effect your life, your health, your family? Would this make you happy? Ok so now let’s look at the alternative: imagine you achieved your goal, you changed this situation- how would this impact your life? Which of the two outcomes is more inspiring to you? Does the effect of achieving this goal in your life motivate you to act? You are at point A, and wish to be at point B, all it take to get there is a plan of attack and then action.

So, looking at your situation what is your plan, and what is the action you need to take today, this week and this month to change it? Set the goal, plan, ACT and achieve!

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