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For those who are struggling to get over a relationship, researchers in the US believe that texting while sleeping is a common occurrence.



The drunk text is an occupational hazard that worries both the lovelorn and tipsy alike. However, a new danger looks to motivate your thumbs minus your brain’s input: texting while sleeping.

According to the dorks of Villanova University, it is a very real thing. A study they enabled discovered that a significant number of people tended to send messages either while dozing off, or worse, while asleep. More to that point, 72 per cent of the 372 polled had no memory of sending the fateful subconscious missives.

The fear seemingly seems real, losing the upper-hand with ex-bae, with your asleep self proclaiming your love for that person you certainly do not, or no longer do. The researchers also explained the conditions that promoted such behaviour, stating: “Sleep texting occurs when an individual responds to or sends a text message electronically while in a sleep state.

Fortunately for us, the texts the subjects sent were primarily gibberish, with the report suggesting that while we can text, we certainly don’t make sense while doing it. Which seems fine. But, anyone who has ever fought in the fields of romance (particularly after a truce after a bloodier war) will know that it’s not what you’re saying, it’s your presence that represents the problem.

Having to explain why you’re messaging someone you said you wouldn’t at 3 in the morning spells trouble, especially when a mangling of consonants and vowels would suggest drunkness, and with it, the assumptions that you either want to repair things, or casually hit them up for sexual congress. Zoinks.

Avoiding this, is simple. Either you never allow yourself to be open with someone again, or you deposit your telephone in the tallest glass of water you can find when it’s time for bed.


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