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Kerb: Ensuring that parking isn’t standing still


Everyone may love their car, but the cost of owning one is a growing problem. This is where Kerb comes in. They’ve developed a platform that allows you to put money back in your pocket.



Most people love their car. It brings a distinctive feeling of freedom and luxury to everyday living.

However there are signs car ownership is losing some of its gloss.

Traffic congestion is getting progressively worse and has even spread to motorways. There’s a trend worldwide towards collecting a congestion tax for driving into CBDs and even if it results in them becoming less congested you still pay the tax.

The costs of running a car are soaring. Every time someone hiccups in the Middle East the prices on local petrol bowsers tick up another few cents. Insurance costs are increasing to pay for all the extra payouts to the extra car owners who are involved in extra accidents caused by the increase in multi-tasking drivers who are watching television and texting while driving.

When all this causes road rage it’s instructive to note the sanctions for that have just increased as well.

And don’t even bother to mention parking. If it wasn’t for parking fines and meter charges most local governments would have gone bankrupt years ago. CBD parking stations provide a textbook case history of the impact on pricing levels when demand far outstrips supply.

But wait, relief is at hand. No, it’s not the government who have finally come to the aid of motorists, it’s Kerb.

Kerb is an international Aussie breakthrough business that’s already bringing parking relief to motorists not just in Australia but also in places like Scotland, the Netherlands and Malta.

If you own any space that offers easy parking and access for a car, motorbike, boat or even a helicopter, you can convert it into a regular earner merely by registering it on the Kerb App.

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It could be a garage, a driveway, a backyard, a shed or just an open space. If it’s located in a CBD or near a hospital, a theatre or a sports stadium your earning potential is that much higher.

Simply by registering your space on the Kerb App the revenue stream from motorists will start to roll in less the 20% retained by Kerb.

It all works very much like Airbnb.

Once motorists have registered on the App they can use it to book a suitable parking space ahead of their journey from the selection on offer. No more driving around in desperation to find a spot and no more extortionate parking fees. The process is suddenly a whole lot cheaper and hassle-free.

Parking space providers gain incremental income to pay for things like Christmas and summer holidays and motorists save time, money and temper. Fifty thousand providers have already signed up in Australia.

Whether you’re a provider or a motorist it’s very easy to use Kerb. Providers simply go to www.kerb.works/lease-space, fill out the registration form and supply a password. You can even log in using your Facebook Account. Once registered you can list your parking space in five easy steps. Providers fix their own parking rates and there’s a guide on the Kerb website to help identify competitive pricing levels in local markets.

Motorists register to rent parking spaces in much the same way and then you can source the Kerb App to make bookings through your smart-phone.

For a big increase in parking choices at lower prices all you have to do is KERB it.


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